Artist's rendering of Component Map for the Community Civic Campus

Updated: February 4, 2019

On January 23, 2019, the Master Architects for the Community Civic Campus provided an update on the planning and design for the Measure W project to the South San Francisco community and City Council. The architects presented the Library and Parks & Recreation and the Community Theater / City Council Chambers buildings. The team shared a building footprint and size, internal plan development and significant room and space adjacencies. Also discussed was dedicated open space and transportation and parking at the site. City Council agreed to advance the police facility project so it could start construction as soon as possible.  The new Fire Station, to be built at a later date, was also reviewed.

High resolution image.

The new Library and Parks & Recreation building is on a 6.5-acre site near El Camino Real, Chestnut Avenue, and Antoinette Lane. Of note and featured in this design, is consideration of a future road along the northwest site boundary (Oak Avenue); however, it is not part of this project’s scope. 

The new Library and Parks & Recreation Building is three stories tall. The exterior architectural aesthetic of this facility is still in very early development, but it will ultimately be a dynamic and vital civic presence for South San Francisco.   

Level 1 is the lowest level and opens to the expansive open park area to the north. This park side “Events and Gathering” level is accessed through a generous lobby and is the area to host large gatherings and big events. Near the center of the building is a drop-off location for book returns, an information desk, a central stair, and elevators.

Level 2 was organized to house the most active and vibrant spaces that include activities such as children’s spaces and dance classes. This floor, referred to as the “Activity Hub,” is organized around a wide and generous central corridor that functions as a “Main Street” where patrons can wait, meet family and friends, or hang out. Main Street will also feature an art gallery and temporary exhibits.

Level 3 is the top floor. It is primarily dedicated to library functions and will feature a bookstore/Market Place atmosphere. At the center of this floor is a large open area that functions as a lounge for reading, meeting up with friends, or pre-function space for events.

To the north of the new Library and Parks & Recreation Building is recreational open space and surface parking.

The new Police Facility, located within the Community Civic Campus to the north of the Library and Parks & Recreation Building, and across Antoinette Lane. 

Level 1 of the main building will include spaces for patrol, records, criminal investigations, evidence processing and storage, building support, recreation administration, and a public lobby with an adjacent community room and public restrooms.

Although not within the Community Campus Center site, the new Fire Station, located at the corner of Arroyo Drive and Camaritas Avenue, is an essential component of the project.  

The one-story station will include three extended apparatus bays, bay support spaces, station alerting, training areas, sleeping rooms, restrooms, dining, and living areas.