Measure W | Community Civic Campus

Throughout the Measure W public outreach process, the community expressed support to maintain South San Francisco services, including maintaining neighborhood police patrols/911 response, programs for seniors/disabled residents, crime/gang suppression programs, repairing potholes/streets, maintaining youth/teen education/recreational programs, providing police operations center that meets earthquake safety codes, and other city services.   The community support was expressed through voter approved passage of a ½ cent sales tax for 30 years, with authority to incur debt to accelerate projects, annual audits, citizen’s oversight, no funds to Sacramento and all funds to the City of South San Francisco.  The District tax went in to effect April 1, 2016.  Resolution No. 90-2015 can be downloaded and viewed here.

These community improvements can be met through a comprehensive facilities upgrade and building program, the Community Civic Campus Project. The Community Civic Campus Program is comprised of new facilities for Police, Fire, Library and Parks and Recreation (P&R) Departments.

Program Description

The Community Civic Campus Program includes the design and construction of a new 87,000-92,000 square foot Library and Recreation Facility to be located on the land immediately adjacent to El Camino Real and Antoinette Lane. The new 44,000 square foot Police Station, which will include Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) offices, will be built on the location of the existing Pet Club at Chestnut Ave and Antoinette Lane. The Fire Station 63 will be built at the southeast corner of Arroyo and Camaritas, on the west side of the City's Municipal Services Building (MSB), approximately 7,250 square feet.  

Project Conceptual Cost

Total estimated costs are $173 million, based upon Council selected site. 

Construction cost key elements include:

  • Library and Parks & Recreation Facility ($60 Million) 
  • Fire Station 63 ($4 Million) 
  • Police/IT/HR Facility ($25 Million)
  • Clearing & Preparing the areas of proposed structures ($12 Million)
  • Structured parking below ground or above ($11 Million)
  • Other costs are attributed to Program Management, Design and Contingency 

Process (Key Milestones)

The following are key milestone dates moving forward. All dates are subject to change. 

December, 2017

  • Architectural team (SmithGroupJJR) selection by City Council

January, 2018

  • Architectural team award of contract (SmithGroupJJR) by City Council

February through June, 2018 

  • Program Validation/City Standards
  • Conceptual Design(s), including Master Site Plan and Circulation Plan
  • Community Design Charrettes/Input 

July through November, 2018

  • Schematic Design
  • Community Design Charrettes/Input

December, 2018 through March, 2019

  • Design Development

April through October, 2019

  • Construction Documentation Phase
  • Bid Documents Completed

November, 2019 through 2021/2022

  • Bid Process
  • Contractor Selection
  • Construction

**All dates are approximate and subject to change**

Public Outreach and Community Input

Focused and multifaceted community outreach and input about the Community Civic Campus Program has been ongoing and will continue. The City together with SmithGroupJJR have identified a series of focus group, committees, and council/study sessions to present and solicit input that will serve to inform their design efforts. Continued updates in the form of newsletters and social media will be posted to this site.